1. My agent tells me it’s currently a seller’s market so I should put up my home for sale now. What does that mean?

A seller’s market is when there are few homes for sale and there is a great demand from many buyers, in that case the market is in the seller’s favour. It’s a great opportunity to put your home up for sale at this time because you are likely to get the best possible price for your property and the deal will close quickly due to having many buyers ready to close the deal.

  1. Why can’t I sell my home on my own instead of hiring an agent?

You can definitely sell your home on your own but the process becomes a lot easier and quicker by hiring an agent. More importantly, since an experienced agent knows the current pricing trend in market, he can give you valid (or correct) information (or detailed guidance) about pricing your property correctly. An experienced agent will also assist you in preparing your home for sale and during negotiations.  

  1. What is a home appraisal and should I get one done?

A home appraisal is when a real estate agent inspects and assesses your home, done with the aim to determine its right price for sale. Unless you are quite familiar with the market conditions and pricing for similar properties in the market place, it is worth considering getting your home appraisal.

The agent will mostly base his pricing assessment according to the most recent sales that have occurred in the neighbourhood which gives you a clear idea of what buyers may be willing to pay.

  1. My agent is asking me to invest in painting the home and getting the frontage cleaned up? Is this expense worth taking up when I am going to sell my property?

Absolutely! It is an essential first step in the selling process to ensure your home looks appealing to potential buyers. Repainting the outer walls, ensuring that the frontage and overall appearance of the home give a great first impression which ensures that the high number of potential buyers are attracted. It’s worth mentioning that a well maintained home does bring a better price than a home in disrepair condition.

  1. My buyer wants to carry out a pre-settlement inspection although he already visited the property before? Should I agree?

A pre-settlement inspection is simply a normal practise in home sale deals. It’s when the buyer wants to inspect the home before signing the sale deed and settling in, making sure the home is in the same condition as it was during the initial visit(s). By allowing the buyer to conduct a pre-settlement inspection builds his confidence in you and trusting to have made the right (or suitable) choice of property to buy.

What does off-market mean?

Off-market is a term used which refers to properties not promoted by its owner and are not advertised in public across the mainstream real estate marketing platforms.



Do I have to inspect a property before applying?

Do I have to inspect a property before applying for it?

Yes, before submitting and application you will need to attend an inspection or someone will need to attend the inspection on your behalf. We do not consent (or approve) applications from people who have not inspected a property. This rule has no exceptions.

How often do I get paid the rent money?

How often do I get paid the rent money?

At Royal Melbourne Estates we send out our Trust account on the 25th of every month. Therefore the bank account of your choice is topped up on these dates of the rent which we have obtained during these periods. As a preference, you can just choose one payment per month. The choice is all yours and we do no extra fees if you choose two over one.

I am not happy with my current Agent, how do I change it over to The Rental Managers?

I am not happy with my current Agent, how do I change it over to Royal Melbourne Estates?

This is a simple process and does not cost you anything. You will sign a letter provided by our office and we will take care of the rest for you. Our office will also advise your tenants and gather all the important information to begin managing your investments from your current agent.

Is an Agent’s location change their ability to manage my investment?

In our world today it is a known fact that over 90% of prospective tenants use the internet to find homes. With the majority of our tenants paying their rent by electronic transfer, logging maintenance online and communicating by email location is not of a concern to tenants anymore. At The Rental Managers we manage properties all over Townsville from the very south at Cungulla to the very north being Mutarnee. No matter where our office manages it.

Is an Agent’s location change their ability to manage my investment?

Does an agent’s location change their ability to manage my investment?

It is a fact that over 90 percent of prospective tenants use the internet to find homes (idk if this is necessary)

Majority of our tenants pay their rent electronically, logging maintenance online and communicating via email. Location is no longer of an issue to tenants. At Royal Melbourne Estates, we manage properties all over Melbourne (?)…. (This will have to be filled by you)

Should I have Landlord Protection Insurance?

Having Landlord Insurance is not compulsory, but it is strongly recommended. Landlord Insurance protects you in the occurrence of tenant default and this could be from overdue rent payments to accidental or malevolent damage.

While there are different options on the insurance market, we strongly suggest you choose carefully. We would be happy to assist you in making the best decision if you need us to.