When choosing to sell your home, being one of the biggest decisions you will need to make, and by far the most critical in guaranteeing you to accomplish the greatest price for your property and have a positive selling experience, that comes to picking the correct agent in order to achieve the results.

At Royal Melbourne Estates service, we put you first in every step of the sale process. From the beginning till the end, we will take care of your property along with the sale process that best suits your property.

We have the expertise and market knowledge to cover everything from advice on how to prepare your home, home appraisal, how to plan an open house negotiations.

A well planned and executed marketing campaign is critical to the success of the selling process. The better the marketing campaign, the greater your chances are obtaining the best price.

At Royal Melbourne Estates we love going above and beyond to ensure each client’s unique needs are met. Our boutique technology, combined with our professional personalized service, ensures the process is smooth and stress free.

Our staff has a clear understanding of the principles of marketing and will develop a marketing strategy which is appropriate for the sale of your home and that will effectively reach all potential buyers currently in the market place.

We will be right beside you until you complete all the legal formalities and transfer ownership of your property to the buyer. And that will not be the end of our service, we will constantly be with you every step of the way of your new journey.